A thatcher, also known as a dethatcher, vertical mower or verticutter, is used as part of a regular lawn care regimen to break up too-thick thatch, the layer of living and dead plant stems, roots and other parts that accumulate between the soil surface and the grass blades. A thin layer of thatch contributes to the health of the turf, but excessive thatch can block air and moisture from reaching the grass roots and make the turf more vulnerable to stress injury.

Whether you’re clearing a putting green, flower bed or cleaning-up after a storm, yard vacuums makes it easy to get your yard looking its best. Eliminate back-straining labor and wasted time, cruise easily though the yard picking up twigs, sticks and leaves.


Thatchers Minimum Hours Day Week
5hp Walk Behind $33.00 3hrs $48.00 $144.00
5hp Towable 38" $40.00 3hrs $60.00 $180.00


Vacuum Minimum Hours Day Week
5HP Lawn $30.00 3hrs $38.00 $114.00

How To Use A Thatcher

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Thatchers & Vacuums

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